Williams & Rowe has completed a 40,000 sq. ft.  renovation of the new River City Science Academy location in Jacksonville, Florida. The school is located in the Deerwood industrial park overlooking the Phillips highway entrance near Baymeadows rd. The building is owned by Paragon Industries II, and the renovation will continue for two more years expanding an additional 10,000 sq. ft. on the 1st floor.


There will be an additional 35,000 sq. ft.  added in the next two years.


This is part of River City Science Academy’s city-wide growth plan. The current innovation will service grades kindergarten – 6th the first year and will expand to include junior high grades in the next two years. The architect for the new facility is Jason Canning and William & Rowe’s project manager is Berry Underwood.


River City Science Academy’s principal Mesut Erdogan will be operating in a handsome new facility that will make the learning process pleasant and in an open and well-lit environment.


Phase One RCSA Compete

RCSA Gallery

Williams & Rowe broke ground on the new Freshfields Farm development on University Blvd in Jacksonville, Florida.


Williams & Rowe begins construction on expansion project.

The Freshfields Farm expansion project has finished on time for the 2016 opening of the expanded section of the store, nearly doubling the customer area. Williams and Rowe built the original store and have been working on its expansion without any interruptions to the steady flow of customers at this popular location next to Interstate 95 in Jacksonville Florida.


Williams & Rowe completes construction on expansion project


Williams & Rowe is working on CSX’s expansion, building 8,000sq. ft storage buildings, 20,000 sq. ft. railroad car shops and new railroad yard buildings from Miami to New York and the Mid-west. CSX is one of the largest transportation companies in the United States.

CSX Expansion Project Update